Sunday, 31 January 2016

Want to Publish Your Website for Free?

Yes! You can publish your website for free! But wait a moment, to answer the following questions before going further:

Do you have the skill to design or use web templates?
Do you know how to write some contents?
Have you enough time to pay attention to the website/blog?

Having read through the above three questions, you can now objectively answer either yes or no to my main question on the topic of this article. 

If you are honest with yourself before saying yes! Then you can truly publish your website for free. Having answered all of the questions! Now let us start making your first online site. 

We shall first and foremost create your website by making free blog, there are several online big websites that offers such opportunity to create blogs on their sites for free, namely: blogger, wordpress, weebly, simplesite, seoparking and many of them as such. 

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How to Get Your Website on Internet

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Getting your site on internet is very interesting; and it can be a very good mission for anyone who is ready to breakthrough in the world of global village.

First steps to be identified are getting a domain name, knowing the type of website and Web hosting.

What is a domain Name?
There are series of definitions given when individuals are defining a domain name. But no matter the variance of definitions; all are still boiled down to be the same meaning. However, in a nutshell, domain name is the name of a website; the address in which people can find the web on internet.

There are several types of domain name categories; but we are more concerned in this article with only two major types of domain categories, which are widely in use. Such as: 

1.       Country Codes Top Level Domain Names -  (ccTLD names)
2.       Generic Top Level Domain Names – (gTLD names)

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Domain Investment - Series of New Evolutions and Developments

New Development in Domain Industry

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Awareness of internet is becoming wider and broader almost on daily basis, and high population of people are turning to internet, because they are now seen internet as a borderless market, where they could take their business to the near and afar foreign nations, for known and unknown customers for broad expansion and easier patronage. And many of the web marketers have extended and effective home services for their customers.

Domain Industry has being in existence for some few decades now, those who are interested in domain business are getting more keenly interested, and series of revolutions have happened time without numbers. 

In line with all of the above concepts in place; and because the generic domain names are no longer available for millions of startups, who are eagerly willing to go online; but could not find any good domain names for their online presence; is one of the major reasons among others that compelled the ICANN to look for the means of widening the online space, and thus the emergence of New Generics Top Levels Domain (NewGTLDs), in order to accommodate thousands of the new startups’ web shops presence online. 

And In 2014 ICANN began the release of thousands of NGTLDs into the market; but before then, applications were collected from hundreds of applicants, who applied for the new extensions as registrars; including the renowned online giants – Google, Amazon, and many others as such.

At first, when the ICANN initiated the idea of NewGTLDs; there were lots of mixed fillings among domain investors, to the extents that, many were saying the new innovation was not likely to work out; that the internet market may become saturated for too many new TLDs/ extensions, and that, such is likely to cause confusion as there will be too many related names availabilities in the market. For example:,,,,,, etc. etc.

Honestly, in my own views, too many extensions are been released at the same time into the market and looks ridiculous. However, this innovation is the major reason behind many online giant companies, including Google to have registered many domains and it seems; is also giving them sleepless night and could be reason why they are working on both days and nights for fear of domain hacking, as it could cause problem for them. In my own view; I belief it is the main reason why they have bought and registered many new domains within 2015 alone; they have established and as their major Urls and possibly for security. 

Recently, you are aware they have acquired some series of names, like etc. You may also agree with me that many new NGTLDs released at almost the same time are too many for the online market; compared with the numbers of people on internet and many more are still coming in this year. Something like .auto, .bank, etc. Please visit here to see the new extensions coming in this year 2016 alone.

Chinese Domain Investors on NewGTLDs

The Chinese investors on their own way are seriously working hard on short domains on .coms TLD and .cc, .cn, and .wang. But I have not seen much interest in them for NGTLDs as such, but they have soft spot for .top extension 

These scenarios have started around 2014 and many people thought it was a bubble and domainers are because of that selling their virtual properties cheap and as quickly as possible. But just of recent, we are seen more and more networks of domain investors who are ready to invest their last cents on the business to make more wealth; different strategies are adopted to make money and so also every western domainers are making money.

What I have seen new, in the domain industry is the different type of business orientation which is now in place; many are now working together with experienced investors and with quite wealthy set of investors. Though, there are still solo types of working scenario like before, but in the recent time, networking of some big time investors are really improving their portfolios. They have seen the possibilities of working together as a joint team to combine experience with wealthy investors with huge sum of money in order to be able to buy something like 4,3,2 and 1, Letters or Numbers; such liquid domains within five and six figures upwards.

As a backup to my writing, just this last week, Ifound an interview conducted by James Iles on a 19 years old boy who is another namepros member with ID @ErwanKina narrated how he and his team had presently starts acquiring some big time domain names with some set of wealthy domain investors. 

Secondly, another investor is Alli Zandi who  also is a new but great domain investor who is also working with some set of wealthy people as a team.

I believe that with networking of wealthy and people of great interest in domain business could soon lead domain investors to rank on forbes list of billionaires in the nearest future.


Having any comment? Please do not hesitate to write it and we shall respond in no time.

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Best Place to Buy Good Domain Names for Cheap Prices

Following my last article on how to buy domain names for resale; I determined to further write this one, in order to give out more of my experiences on the best place to buy your good and cheap domains.

Once again, before reading this particular article, you should read my previous article that was written for those who do not have good experience of what makeup good domains.  After that, you can now vouch, and beat your chest and say you are now experienced to recognize good domains and free to jump into aftermarkets in search of quality domains without having any shortcomings.  

But there is one more twin quality idea needed as a domain investor; and that quality is to always do your due diligence and not buying domains with impulse. It is very important to double sure of what you are going to invest your money upon, so that you are not later blame yourself.

Where To Buy Your Cheap Domain Names for Cheap Price; one of them is, like I have said in my previous articles. At; you need to first go to the link that says      “ Add your domain here free”  

 Having reached there, you can now see the heading that says “Promote Your Domain Auctions – Free!”

Below that heading, there are page links, numbers from 1 – 6 upto 130 and next, and click on “Go to first unread” page, and navigate yourself backward to the selected domains, among the selected names.
Click Image for large Viewing
 you can now do your due diligence to note and pick the good names that meet your interest or choice of domains. I repeat myself here; please choose among the selected or approved ones.

Why you need to visit those pages, is that, before domains are accepted on that particular auctions directory; the domains have passed series of screening, via some high caliber experienced domain investors and must have seen them as quality domains, before accepting and passing them for various investors who intended to sell or use them.

After that, you can now click on the domain of your choice and follow the link to the seller’s page at the same auction, and start your bidding for the domain. Like I have said before, make sure you are not over bidding a particular domains of your choice. But if you are so interested in the domain, please be sure of your bidding and be ready to make the payment as soon as you win.

With my experience at, they do not like disappointment and if you failed to make payment as at when due, you are not likely to escape the punishment for the failure to make the payment.

Domain investors from every part of the five continents are there, and none of them likes to lose their account and that is what makes the forum a reliable and thrust worthy haven for domain investors.

Though, in several cases of highly profiled domain names; you can force any investor to use another payment tools. But in most cases is the most trustful payment tool accepted by every investor at and, therefore, should get your account ready for payment before embark on bidding. However, bank transfers are accepted when the money is equal or above $1000 transaction.

This is not a promotion’s write up, in which I intend to get some token from the forum, but the article is written from the background of wishing domain startups to have a good and early idea of how to practice the business and make early profits from their venture.


Thursday, 14 January 2016

How to Buy Domain Names for Resales

Before you can start to think about buying domain for resale, you must have learned about what are the main qualities behind good domain names, or else you may not succeed in the business. There are several things to consider before buying any domain for resales, and such must be well considered or else the potential end users may just be passing by your domains.

This article is not to let you know the quality of good domain names. If you do not know anything about what makes up good quality domain names, please follow this link  to read another appropriate article for that purpose. But meanwhile, I will briefly write some facts behind the topic. Your experience matters in this business; you need to predetermined what could the name be used for. I mean, you need to consider the type of business the domain could be used for, and such name must be unique and make sense. 

In most cases, you need to think about what is currently trending in the market, if you want the name to sell fast. For example, the Chinese domains are the main trend in market now, though, that does not mean you cannot buy other types of domain names for your portfolio, because you may not know what the next customer may want to purchase.

Diversification of types of domains in your portfolio matters in this business, but you should greatly consider the current trend of domain in your portfolio, if you can afford the current aftermarket price; either from domainers or from main market. But the prices in main aftermarketplace can be very highly risky for resellers, because, you may not easily find another end user to buy from you, if your buying price is too high. 

Newly registered domain names are not likely to sell fast in the market, but however,  if you get a good nice dictionary word on new NTLDs extensions could make you a fortune; if the word or keywords are highly profiled one, and domain hacking with a good new extension could also make you a fortune as well.

There is always market for your every good name, but like I have said, the domain must make sense and possibly, the type that do not have alternative or rear alternatives are good. However, buying from domainers are always better and cheaper, especially, when the domainer is in need of immediate cash.

The main logic is that, skillful investors makes money while buying, because he must have bought very cheap and when selling, there could still be wide margin allowance for good profits. 

Where to Buy Aftermarket Domain Names for Cheap Prices?
There are several places to buy cheap aftermarket domain names, such forums like, and Furthermore, you can still get cheap domain names from Godaddy’s and auctions, and are another good marketplaces. You can as well buy good domains from drop markets, such as,, and

Your negotiation skills and your purse matters when you are buying from individual investors like yourself. If you are buying from auctions, you must be very careful not to be in a price war. You know that your submitted bids are binding, and make sure you are not going beyond your available cash, so that you are not risking the danger of banning you from the auction. 

You stand the risk of being ban if you failed to make payment as at when due, and it is not likely for you to have another second chance of getting back to the auction or forum again. I hope you know the many benefits of maintaining your account for a long time with  auctions or forums for a long period of time. If you don’t, that could be another good topic for another day.

If you have any thing to say about this article, please, do not hesitate to write it below.