Monday, 26 December 2016

ccTLDs Market Sales Report for 19th to 25th December, 2016

First and foremost; I say Merry Christmas and wished you a prosperous new year in advanced.

There were no much ccTLDs sales during the week but we are able to report 66 domains in ccTLDs niche. We brought you this particular sales report data from around the internet among various markets, such as Sedo, Godaddy,, flippa, and DropCatch.  

Most expensive name sold in the week was sold for $8,677 on Tuesday of the week at sedo.comfollowed by also sold on Wednesday 21st at for $7000, next to that was a two letter domain sold for $5, 623.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

December 11th - 17th 2016 ccTLDs Market Sales Report

There are 78 ccTLDs domain Sales recorded during the week. As usual we brought you the data around the internet global village from various markets, as you can see on the table below, ranging from Sedo, Godaddy,, flippa, and DropCatch.  

Most expensive sale in the week was sold for $13,339; a one letter domain, followed by; also a one letter domain sold for $7, 500.

What we deduced from this week sales data is that ccTLD niche is not any push away, even though there are many new extensions in the market. There are lots of surprises happening in the market and the trend is aggressively going green. The investors who are interested on ccTLD market should look for one word and very short letters; if possible, get one letter couple with good extensions; no one could get .com in that niche as a new reg anymore, but such as buying in the .de, .uk, and .at also .io is not bad for investment, .cc for Chinese market is also a good idea. One can even make quick sales if the domain is a combination of one letter combo.

ccTLDs Weekly Market Sales Report for 4th – 10th, December 2016

Sales of 114 ccTLDs were recorded in the week from various markets as you can see on the table below, ranging from Sedo, Pvt, Godaddy, ramped, catawiki, is not left behind, flippa, and DropCatch.  

Most expensive among the domains sold was sold at PVT for $50,456, is a two letter .de domain. It is no longer news for domain investors that the shorter the name the better. There are other two LL domains sold like for $21,200 $12,614, also $12,614 for $10,600. Others are (hacked domain) for $8,114, - dictionary word, for $7,182,, and etc.

Monday, 5 December 2016

ccTLD Weekly Market Sales Report For 27th November – 3rd December, 2016

We are able to record total sales of 251 ccTLD domain names at various auction markets, such as sedo,, godaddy and flippa, and also at some unusual market places like Catawiki, and during the week.

Most expensive among the domain name sold was with a sum of $11,766, probably, because it was a makeup of the dictionary word, when added the extension - Bat. Next to it was the pair of and with a sum of $10, 795 each. The trio of them was sold at sedo’s auction, during the .at auction that was just concluded in the week.