Wednesday, 30 March 2016

United Kingdom Citizens and Their Domain Name Country Code As A Default Extension

From now on, I will write about those countries which their citizens are very loyal to their domain name country Code extensions in a separate series.

In this edition - I will write about and .uk United Kingdom's domain extensions.

The United Kingdom's, as a matter of fact and nothing but the real fact; is one of the countries I gave kudos, when we are talking of Domain Name Country Codes. The citizens of UK are very loyal to their country in terms of internet access and the use of internet. They are so loyal and interested in their domain extensions when accessing internet; the extension of their first choice is and many businesses that have their websites on .coms use as default extension in which they redirects their websites.

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Is It Really Possible to Get Good Domain for Cheap or for Registration?

The topic of this article rather looks impossible to some domain investors; and likewise for some investors could be considered a very possible mission. To those who are not ready to look deeper, would see this as a very, very impossible. 

But for us at, we considered the question  a possible mission. Yes! The topic is a bit controversial and in that case; it requires clarifications on what type of domains and where to get them

There is Possibilities of getting old and valuable domain names for cheap price; the prices we are referring are based on the categories of domain investors. The meaning of getting something for cheap is strictly based on person to person. Some could buy a domain for six figures and could say it is cheaper at the price of purchased. While some will tell you that the cost of the purchase is quite expensive.

But what I am talking about is particularly, about a very cheap and really cheap is what I mean in this article. One can still get a very good domain for hand registration, such in the expired or dropped market or in auction.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

One of The Most Expensive Country Code Domain Ever Sold On Internet

Gold Bullion
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Though it is no longer news that is one of the most costly country code ever sold in the history of internet; it was sold in 2015, to the founder of Jewellery Quarter Bullion Company, a Birmingham, UK-based online gold dealer Mr. Rob Halliday-Stein for a whooping sum of £600,000 ($940,000).

The domain’s WHOIS report has previously shown the same company as the owner of the domain since July, 11th 2013, before the public announcement. We realized that the payment was just completed and that was why it was not made public before now.

The point we are making in the story is all about its world record and the rising of the Country Code Extension in Aftermarket sales. 

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Domain Business Is Turning Around for Good!

Domain business is moving fast on the highway and one need to also move with the trend; working against trend has never being fruitful for anybody, ever before. 

 Yes! Alli Zandi is very correct, even the small children knew trends are changing daily, not only in domain industry; but in every aspect of human endeavor. It was analog of a thing in those days but today, everything goes on computer; let me say internet.

Chinese are really making things move in a highway, rather than the previous old school’s way of running domain business, Alan Dunn is a name to reference when talking of trading domain names like commodities. 

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