Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What Are Differences Between Websites and Blogs?

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Thinking of going on internet? Okay good!  This valuable material could enable you to know what type of presence you should have. By the time you completely read these entire materials; you should definitely have the good knowledge of what are required of you to be on internet.

Going on internet is required having either website or blog or rather both in a more serious scenario.

What is Website?

Websites can be referred as your online home, store, business place, or shop on internet, period. Having your website on internet requires buying of a domain names and purchase of hosting facility and building of the site and to upload your files on the internet server before your site can become visible to the world. Your domain and hosting services demands once a year renewal fees. 

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Monday, 27 June 2016

What Are the Qualities of Good Domain Names?

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Recently, we wrote about Qualities of Domainers and this time around, we are writing about the qualities of good domain names.

Without much ado, we are nose diving into the topic; Good domain names varies and it solely depends on what you are really looking for; there are different schools of thought as to what makes good domain names or better still; we can say “premium domain names” rather than saying “good domain names”.

Premium domains are those that serves the main objectives of their owners, but in a nutshell, premium domains are those that give authority; Yes! Those that give authority to your online business, such that well describe or match your bricks and mortar business and that brings you good money from the visitors.

Internet Traffic Will Continue to Favor Domain Names

Sometime ago up till the recent time, people from different home of thoughts were exercising fear that internet traffic will soon moved to apps and that domain will soon become irrelevant as the development of apps were growing fast. But with the recent response from online traffic tracked by Baidu; showed that website will continue to be relevant from eternal to eternity.

The result has just been released by Baidu, and it showed significant improvement on the direct traffic to website rather than the apps traffic. Honestly, numbers don’t tell lies and it has also showed that the trend is going positive for domain names.

As showed on Baidu latest data result released for the month of April:

Visit Method
 Percentage of the Visitations
Social Media

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Domain Name As a Profitable Heritage

Patient Dogs Eat Fat Bones

Image of Zill
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Dear domainers, here is one nice article that is full of motivation for domainers like you and me, especially, those who are presently not making anything from domain business and still on lookout for success in the business.

The article was published by a writer from and posted in today, just this morning.

The article goes thus:

Once upon a time in a far far internet world. A young boy quarried his father. Father, you are over 80 years old now. What have you achieved? What future have you left for your only poor son? The quarried came up when he could not see anything beneficial to him from his old father, no car no estate neither physical money available in his father bank account. He further quarried; when it was time for him to get a job when there was no any connection through his father.

He even abused his father of lack of education and no good job; that he always only sit in front of computer on daily basis without anything to show for it, and regret to be born by the father.

But the old father said a word of wisdom to him that it takes patient to be wealthy.

before going to the full story; I have my views as follows:

I prayed whole fervently, to the Almighty God, not to let me be such a business person in my life. I wish to enjoy the labor of my hard work. Though, I wish to leave a good heritage for my children including worthy domain names.

Domain name is a good business but when you have a good name; you will surely know. If you don't know by yourself, people will approach you and that will make you to know the quality of the property in your portfolio.
Cheers.  Have something to say on this story? Say it now.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Why Should My Blog Always Redirects to Gmail Login Page

Just Recovered from My Blog Redirecting to Gmail login Page
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Before anything, I just need to apologize to my visitors for been disappointed for good three weeks and few days. Until I source help from two gurus on Google’s Blogger help forum. I was like unable to sleep well until yesterday when I thought of seeking help from the forum. 

Though, I first thought of posting and waiting for a long time, as the place seem like it was not ideal to resolve the problem. But I was very surprised for their unexpected swift response. I had that feelings when first open the forum; I saw a kind of no response on almost every posted complaint on the forum, some are one expert response and on others no any response. But I later realized that, even those with just one expert response could be enough to solve the problem, and more so, underneath of the one expert responses; there are other hidden responses from other forum members.

I was so troubled that, I hardly leave my computer seeking  everywhere for solutions. Though, I first thought of the bloggers help forum for solutions, but when I got there, I found the instruction that says "Do not post a previously posted complaint", I then felt that, that could take me too much time to resolve the problem. Because for me not to post a repeated post; It means I must read all the previously posted headings and that was why I did not post for help on that forum at my first approach, I was scared, and concluded that it would take me too much time to accomplish. 

The next thing I did was to move away my domain from the host, after I wrote them and there was no any response for three days. With annoyance, and thought that the fault was from them, but at the end. I realized that the fault was not from them, but their customers support was very bad and not active as supposed to be. 

The money spent for transfer cannot be reversed but thanks; I have renewed my domain until 2018.

All I have being saying was to enable my readers  to know what I have encountered in the last three weeks and for those who are using custom and non custom domains on blogger  to have it in mind that, there is only one place that is always ready to help when there is any problem.

Can you believe that the cause of the problem was from me? Unknowingly, I have mistakenly clicked  and switched on private button; down below "in my blog interface" instead of making it public and that was why the blog redirects to gmail login page.

I dove my cap for the two gurus Chuck Croll  and Matti Nescio of the Blogger Forum for their wonderful help.

Next time, if you are having problem, please turn to them via blogger forum and this blog  

Friday, 10 June 2016

One, Two Letters Numeric or Characters Domains Dot Anything are Trendy and liquid In Market

Though, ever before, one or two letters or characters domain names with generic extensions were liquid in domain market; but now; trend has gone wilder and now the trend in the market are one or two characters domain names with almost any extension are very liquid in the market these days; be it new tlds, cctlds extensions or old generics, you could find are next to sure money on the table, these days.

 For anyone to get into the new trend, should be ready to part away with any amount of cash for buying of such short domains or for new registrations, though new registration may not as costly as the old ones. However, it takes hard work to get those short stuffs for  new regs, but they are still available if one can work hard with foresight.

 You see what I mean in the market place like sedo, dnjournal, domainmarket and aftermarket etc.

Recently the following domains were sold:

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Strategies I Adopted for Domain Name Development and Fame

Having realized that ordinary domain name sales are not easy tasks; as it requires so much patience and time, I then determined to develop some of my domains as much as I could. And again for one to develop domain names requires  money and time for development to get the domain ranks on Google and many other search engines.

Previously, my portfolio was having  100 names altogether, but whence I decided to start a new strategy, I have dropped many of my domain names to  a very small size of say something around 10 domains at a time and the moment I sell one domain name, I replace them with another one.