Monday, 31 October 2016

October 29th Weekly CCTLD Market Sales Report

In this section of our blog, we shall be posting on weekly the sales in the ccTLDs from various auction marketplaces for our readers in order to have easy information on the country code niche.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Today's ccTLDs Market Sales Report.

We brought you the following sales report of some cctlds from Today’s market report. Though, each of them is sold below $500 in today’s market sales report found on However, they could be resold tomorrow and there would be a place to note that they were once sold for the price as listed in our today’s record.

We so believe in the adage that says what we do today is tomorrow’s history.  We extracted the list from bunch of them simply because they are cctlds.

My major observation on the domains is that they are all short names with exemption of where ever you wish to travel to.

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Previously Sold .TV from Posted by a member ( on
thanks to BrandClub's Publisher for this nice Data.

Friday, 21 October 2016

How to Understand the Intrinsic Values in Domain Name

What are the intrinsic values of domain name?

Intrinsic are the values that can not ordinarily be realized, except by the experienced who could understand the values a particular domain name is having. Such values are given the startups series of challenges to identify.

In a case of a brandable domain name, for example: – a startup will definitely ask you about that particular domain name - Brand bucket? He or she will ask you of what value does brand bucket meant? And they in most cases rather use a literal meaning for it and say - it has to do with brand and bucket or a typical bucket is brand bucket.  

Friday, 14 October 2016

Domain Investors Are Still Making Money From Newly Hand Registered Domain Names

The common adage among domain investors that says “premium domains are no longer available in the market for new registrations" is a mere  understatement with the ongoing trend in today’s secondary market. Yes! I mean that statement very well.

Going through the sales especially with Chinese market in 2015, also going through and some sales in the market today has proved that statement wrong; very absolutely wrong. Compare what are happening in the New GTLDs market and also country codes are not left behind, coupled with brandable names, where you can even register a brandable today and sell it within shortest possible time. There are many technologies coming up and so on and so forth.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Domain Name Evolution Continue Trending Up

 The Silent Evolution of Domain Names

Found this article on namepros and techcrunch and I think it will be of great interest to you as a domain investor and I on that note brought it for you.

Verisign recently reported that the number of registered dot-com domain names exceeded 128 million for the first time. With a wholesale price of $7.85 each, this means $1,004,800,000 in annual fees, and that’s before factoring in reseller prices, country code domains and alternative extensions to measure the domain-name industry as a whole. The internet has come a long way since the first domain name,, was registered in 1985. Even longer when you consider it was only 1994 when Joshua Quittner (a WIRED writer at the time) contacted McDonald’s to see if they were interested in registering, and, well, got nowhere.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

More Than One Million .UK Domains Are Registered at Godaddy

It was announced yesterday by the Executive V President of Godaddy International; Mr. Andrew Low Ah Kee, that the company is proud that 25 percent of UK domains are been registered by various entrepreneurs at Godaddy registrar.

The Executive V President of Godaddy International; Mr. Andrew said that it is a milestone for them to be the registrar of over one million of the UK domains. He further said that  

“Reaching 1 million .UK domains demonstrates the value GoDaddy brings to customers by helping them create powerful digital identities. What is even more exciting to us than the milestone itself is the fact that we’ve grown our .UK domains under management by over 50% in the last 24 months. Our organic growth is a reflection that our purpose-built product and exceptional customer care resonate strongly with the UK market. We’re committed to growing our UK business and are excited to continue supporting the digital revolution taking place in the UK.”
Russell Haworth, Managing Director at Nominet, the official registry for UK domain names, commented: “It’s a significant achievement to reach a million .uk and registrations, and the rate of growth is impressive.  Like GoDaddy, we are committed to making the case for more businesses having their own space online, helping create new opportunities for us all.”

However, we understood the kind of generosity given to each and every new customer by the company and couples with the ideal customer care services are the power behind the development of Godaddy.

However, we  on our own perspective realized that there are more than 10 million UK domains in operation, been registered in the UK and worldwide, thus makes the extension next after .de which is more 16 million in that region