Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Chinese Domain Investment Bubble Or Boom Will it Continue In 2016?

Before I continue writing this article; I first and foremost wish every one of my readers a happy and prosperous new year in advanced.  I hoped for another fruitful 365days of profitable domain name business that will surpass the year 2015.

There are many schools of thought that say the year 2015 is a bubble filled year; the boom that began late last year 2014 and with more high in June and July 2015 is still in full force at the end of the year December 2015. Though, there is a slowdown in December; probably, due to festive season.  Many investors are repeatedly saying the ongoing boom is a bubble and not something to rely and rejoice upon. But many and many had made enormous remarkable and successful fortunes from the referred bubble.

At this juncture, I wish to congratulate Frank schilling who recently sold his entire Chinese domain names portfolio for whopping sum of Twelve Million Dollars ($12,000,000), and many other domainers who also made success in this same singular year 2015 from the Chinese Premium domains.

Domain names and the so called bubble or boom in 2016

The domain name trend outlook for 2016; according to the views of many domain Philosophers  saying the bubble will soon burst and may not last at all, but none of them could precisely say when it will end. But some are saying there is a bright moment ahead and it looks like a continuous trend in 2016.

Chinese Domain Investors and Their Positive Efforts
However, what looks like bubble to some people among the western domainers are taking with all seriousness by the Chinese investors. There are many positive efforts going on in full force, even though people are still saying the Chinese bubble may not last; we have seen many domain name auctions and directories sprang up in the eastern world. There are many developmental learning gathering, purposely organized for acquisition of domain ideas and skills in China, where they are sensitizing more interested people to participate in domain business.

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

In This era Of Chinese Investors - Are Keyword Domains Still Relevant?

As I woke up this morning, a thought came across my mind about the relevancy of keyword domain names in this surged era of Chinese investors in domain industry. I was so curious, about the relevancy of keyword domains in this era of Chinese short domains. I kept asking myself on why such feeling came into my mind? I then retorted, and then realized that the ongoing trend in which Chinese investors are dominating the market with shorts and numeric domains and in addition to the previous reduction of the power of keyword domains by Google to the barest minimum, were the foundation of my feelings.

Following that, I sat down and asked myself these few questions:

What are keywords?
What are the relevance of keyword and domain name?
How to find keyword domains?
Who are the people in need of keyword domains?
How to sell keyword domains?

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Cheap Domain Names

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Where to Get Cheap Domain Names?

Every knowledgeable domain investor knew what a cheap domain name means to be. But for purpose of startups, cheap domains are domains that can be registered below the normal price of registration fee and also those that can be purchased at a very low price in the aftermarket auctions; sometimes, in the forums. In these contexts, we mean all aspects of domain registrations, buying and selling of domain names at cheap prices.Having said that, there is the need to start with the first one which is cheap domain registration; cheap domain name registration can be registered from any of the registrars which are either making sales promotion. Sales promotions usually come up at the beginning of the year or at the tail end of the year or around any festive season. 

There are several places where you can get cheap domain name registered; previously, godaddy was very generous, but now, they have reduced their generous concept to the new customers only. The new comers or startups can up till now enjoy their promo codes at first time only and no longer suitable for domain investors anymore. 

In this write-up we shall review some domain registrars that are selling cheap at this particular period:
We are pleased to bring to you the following 9 registrars for your new registrations in this 2015 yuletide season.
  1. Godaddy.com sold .com for only new comers for $2.99, .org for $7.99, .net for $11.99 while .club goes for $9.99. Their renewal fees are a bit high.  Please Continue Reading