Thursday, 30 March 2017

Country Code Domain Name (ccTLD) Market Sales Report for 19th - 25th March 2017

9.Am - a one Numeric domain name led all domain leader board chart on 20th of March, 2017. The domain sold for exact $169.000, but to my surprise, I could not find the sale on Dnjournal report. Might be, it will soon be listed. It could have occupied the number 9th position of the Year to date sales chart of DNjournal report chart. Another domain name sold for $43,200 is - a three letter country code that also led all domain extensions leader board on 20th of March 2017 on the sales report chart of The name also ranked 30th position on on all extensions Year to date sales chart.   This is another week that ccTLDs made unexpected improvement on our weekly sales report.

There was significant improvement in sales in the week.  In all, there were 124 ccTLD names sold in the week – Sedo sold 46 ccTLDs, Godaddy sold 14 names, sold 25 domains, Flippa sold 18 names, While Dropcatch sold only 4 names. That has once again moved Sedo to her leadership position with sales of 46 ccTLDs besides the sales of other extensions. is not lacking behind, they sold 25 .io names in the week under review.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ccTLDs Market Sales Report for Week 11 From 13th - 18th March, 2017

This week seems to be a beginning of new trend; there were lots of five NNNNNs - .cn (NNNNN) in the sales report at the Chinese marketplace known as There were 72 .cn sold names. Why we are reporting this is that our reports are always concerned happenings in the ccTLDs market.

 We observed, it could be the beginning of a new trend in the niche and the price is not too bad for 5Ls in the average of $350.

The most costly name sold in the week was sold for $18, 237, followed by sold for $5,250 and thirdly was also sold for $5,000 only. The three domains were sold at a different marketplace the sold at, sold at while was sold at

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Weekly Sales Report for ccTLD Market for 5th - 11th March 2017

Once more, here is our ccTLD weekly market sales report for the week of 12th – 18th March, 2017. The most costly name sold in the week was sold for $7,349, followed by for $4,999 and thirdly was which was sold for $4514 the was sold at Flippa whilst and were sold at sedo marketplace.

There were 75 ccTLD names sold during the week in review. With this results and based on the past records; sedo is proving to be the best marketplace for ccTLDs auction sales, is also a good place for .io domains.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Country Code Top Level Domain Name Market Sales Report for 26 February – 4th March 2017 lead the all domain extensions the leader board on Saturday sales report. We observed the same thing last week where three ccTLD domains led the leader board, and that showed that ccTLds is no longer any pushback extensions anymore. 

The most costly ccTLD domain name sold in the week was for $15,000, followed by $11,624 and next to that in third position was sold for $7,000. The three domains were sold at different marketplace this time. The was sold at and the was sold at auction.