Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Chinese Investors Are Ready to Buy the World Over

Reviews of the Chinese economy as it affects Domain Name Industry:

Image Provided by Fortune.com
Chinese investors are everywhere taking bold steps in order to further boost their economy; they are investing on every aspect of economy, be it on real estate, virtual world and whatever business entities;  be it on technology and including domain name industry.

They are buying properties in Australia, US, Europe and in Africa; they are also buying production factories everywhere you can think of. Their overseas investment has surged to about 72% from the 2014 rate, according to the report; they do not go into lengthy negotiations before buying whatever they wish to buy. And many of their investment are paying off. 

Having said that, presently, as I’m writing this article, there is ongoing meeting in Beijing where about 200 members committee are gathering for economic meeting to discuss on steps to take in order to forge ahead and see how they could sustain and surpass their present level of economy. In this present year, you will observe that their present economy is at 7% better than as it was in this same quarter in 2014. They are presently talking on how they can uphold the level of their economy and to further improve on it in the next five-Year plan, a blueprint for economic and social development between now and 2016 to 2020 will be drawn up. 

There was a publication on Xinhua – news agency, on Saturday 10th October, 2015 by the China’s chief economist, Ma Jun, that one of the many areas they are going to focus in order to boost their economy include ventures in capital investment , Internet and green finance.

This is where I am going; concerning internet; when we are talking of internet, the backbone of it is domain name industry. Before now, you will observe that Chinese investors purchasing capacity have elevated them to the king’s status on domain investment, and they have also become the pursuits of every western world’s domain investors. Because they have already proved themselves beyond every reasonable doubt that they are indeed kings, due to their purchasing power. 

Types of Domain Name Chinese Investors Purchases:

As you may aware, they have peculiar type of domains they venture into. You may like to have the idea on the type of their peculiar domain names. Generally, Chinese investors likes short domains, especially numbers and presently, they are going for four numeric NNNN and letters LLLL and in most cases they go for TLDs such as .com .net, .cc, and .cn as their major pursuits. 

Though, I have mentioned these in some of my previous articles, and I will feel unjustified if I failed to mention it here once again, in case you have not read any of my previous articles on Chinese investors.  

Type of domains the Chinese investors are buying exclude the Vowels A, E, I, O, U and letter V and incase of numeric, they don’t like double zeros - 00 and 4. Double Zeros and 4 means bad luck and they are trying as much as possible to avoid those characters.

You can venture into three characters in any form or pattern and the latest now are four characters. However, I can vouch for only one TLD which is .com for quick sale.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Short Domain Name Liquidity; a New Trendy Virtual Wealth as Gold

A Brief Review Of the Chinese Short Premium Domains and What Next

Image from Namecorp.com
Domain Name has become a virtual gold; yes! It can be compared as that, hence the breakout of the Chinese investors. As of last year in 2014, the business was not as liquid as it is now. I believe in the trend that is going to be a long term projection and it looks to be a very huge one that will not soon fallback in the nearest future, in my opinion.

I see the ongoing trend as a reliable one that any investor could join and ride as early as possible. The world famous stock trader, Warren Buffett says “buy low and sell high” the momentum has given enough signs for any serious investor to join the trend now, as early as possible before it is too late. Though, it is a common phenomenon for any trend to have a temporary fall back but when joined the trend in a good time, the low effect cannot be detrimental. 

I based my conclusion on the background of the information found on the daily happening; as things are projecting on domain name sites and social forums, such as on namebio.com, site point.com  dnforum.com and especially on namepros.com. 

image from sitepoint.com

The Chinese and the several experienced investors are radically moving the market upwards; the LLLL.com domains are no longer available for hand registrations anymore; it has gone high, LLLL.net domains are going fast up and up, the .co country code extension is also making hot wave. For anyone to register any LLLL.co and NNNN.co extensions now are like tug of war event, if not all are been completely taken.

Chinese investors are not only buying what is known as Chinese premiums but they are just buying everything that are available in the market; be it fresh registration or at secondary markets.

The only place to get the short premium domains now are only in the aftermarket or by making direct individual approach on the known owners via WHOIS information. With little effort, one could still get  some good ones for cheap price, unlike what could happen in the next six months to one year from now; one can also get them when they are dropping. I have observed that even now, the drop markets are becoming hot and difficult as there are too many people bidding for these premium domains.

The scarcities are created by Chinese and other experienced investors, for they have driven domain market beyond expectations with their huge registrations  within short time. The ongoing trend is also affecting the ICANN project of multiple extensions. It is so, because, domain Investors are  the core people causing scarcity and liquidity in the business. And as things are going on now, the investors are reluctant to invest their money on new ICANN extensions for now, as they are very busy looking for medium in which they could make impact on the Chinese short premium domains which is the latest hot approach in the business.

What Are The Next Line Of Investment?

We envisaged the next line of investment options as it had happened before, in the era of short three characters such as LLL.com, LNL, NLL, NLL, LLN.com and .net extensions etc and in a normal scenario should be in the same pattern of mix of something like LLNN, LNLN, LNNL, NNNL, NLLL.com and etc.

For more comprehensive  studies on the next line of investment, in case you are unable to rival with those with deep pockets.  Please Read More.