Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Possible Liquid Domain Name extensions To Watch in 2016

Here are the possible domain extensions to watch in 2016 for good investment; the domain extensions as .club, .me, and .net are promising and for Chinese domains - are short domain combo’s .com, .xyz, .cc and .cn as you knew; there are others like two short character combos; such as LN.com, NL.com and CC.com. But if you are going for .cc and .cn extensions, you just have to watch it very well, because there are lots of great risks at owning .cc and .cn cctlds as your domain. 

The Chinese government can just wake up on a day and seize your domain ownership. Yes! Communism is just like that, they can do an undo and they could go with it. If you remember; there was series of litigation sometime last year for some domain investors to buy typical domains that are not in line with Chinese laws and order. Are you also aware of Google's conflict with China and what follows?  Though! old story, but just trying to show you that anything could happen in this industry especially from China.

Furthermore, on my point, the year 2016 looks promising in the domain industry as there are many favorable predictions from many domain gurus’ quarters with sensible reasoning from those predictors.

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Friday, 19 February 2016

Montenegro ccTLD Extension .ME Have Past One Million in Registrations

The .Me was introduced in 2006 by a registrar through the website domain.me. The extension was Sponsored by the government of the Montenegro and the actual usage status is for global use, like a personal name space; meaning anybody can register domain with .me extension and that is why it is useful for anybody residing anywhere in the world; be it in US, in Africa or Middle East or elsewhere, you can make use of the extension for your personal or business website.

It had been a happy scenario to just hear that the .me registration has now reached 1,014,867 and that representing a total whopping sum total of 28.36% annual growth in 2015.
The country code rose to the new height incidentally as they are celebrating their 10th year anniversary independence.

Previously, the two in one country; Serbia and Montenegro were using .yu (Yugoslavia) and .cg.yu. But since Montenegro has declared its independence from Serbia, Montenegro .me has replaced the two previous extensions.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Chinese Domain Investment Predictions for 2016

Dragon dancers perform at Chinese town in London
Everywhere in the world, be it in the west, east, and north or south; from pole to pole, we normally have New Year resolutions, and this is the same fact of the Chinese people;  their believe is when owning debt into New Year is an abomination and not a good omen. More so, they believe that what you do in the first two weeks of  the New Year season tells much about how the entire year could be. That is why every reasonable Chinese person, normally settled whatever debt before celebrating Chinese New Year.

Very high populations of Chinese people are well cultured, and things would not augur well without following their ancestors footsteps. Hence, what they do goes around with their culture, including their businesses. Yesterday was the Chinese monkey festival – which is their New Year festival, and it is one of the major factors, among others that are presently affecting the  Chinese investments, including domain investment. Because, almost all of their domain investments are on loans and thus must clear all debts before entering another New Year (CNY).

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chinese Numeric and Letters Domain Chips Are On the Rise Again !!!

The new trends have started gathering momentum once again. The Chinese Chips and Numeric are at it again; the buyouts are ongoing as I am writing this material. As you are reading this material and before you end the reading; there could be more than twenty chip names registrations. These are facts and as a result of number of registrations that are recorded on daily, are quite enormous as they multiply with time.

Presently, preparation for Chinese New Year festival is in progress and due on February 8th 2016, and it was noted that the preparation for the festival is having some degree of effect on the price of the aftermarket quad domains. But with the looks of things, it seems the slowdown in the Chinese domain market is believed to presently be in the correction phase, and as soon as the festival is over; the market is predicted to pick up once again. 

Based on information collected at namepros.com, by a member with ID - Michael M, he stated that, as of today, there is 40% in price increase on the purchase of 6N.com domain category in the last ten days, and also the registration of 5L .com chips are also in the increase of about 32% and the acquisition of the new registrations rate are at average of 4400 registrations per day since last Monday 25th January, 2016.

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