Friday, 29 July 2016

What Are Search Engines and What Are They Used For?

Search engines are websites that are built for the purpose of easy assessing of words or keywords on internet; should in case someone is looking for a particular product, services or materials on internet. If type the word or keyword on search engine form, it could be a source of easy finding of the materials or whatever you are looking for, be it contents, services, products, images or a particular online shop.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Chinese ccTLD .CN Rises to Third Position on Best 10 Domain Extensions

China's Map

The  verisign report of the first quarter of year 2016 has been released and we are made to realized that there are total 326.4 domain names registered so far  across the entire TLDs including all extensions are, an increase of 12 million domain names. As a result of that improvement which accounted for about 32.4 million, or 11 percent increase as against the fourth quarter of 2015. It also showed us that Chinese are holding about 40% of the entire premium domain names ever registered.

Among the ccTLDs we are made to realize that the .cn extension rose to second position on cctlds chat and in third position across the board, behind .com, .tk and .cn stood in third position above .de and .net etc.
For full details of the entire data, please follow the link to download the Verisign domain Name Industry Brief Report Volume 13 – issue 2 – July 2016 Pdf format of Verisign briefing

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Why Old Domains Are More Valuable and Liquid Properties

Like This Domain? Then Click and buy it
Having gone through so many pages of internet especially, on forums that has to do with domain business; we realized it is more profitable and consistent to make profits when you often get your domain names from drop catching market. Yes! I mean dropped markets; for that is the only place you can acquire old and mature domains. 

Why is it so? That is the actual question I expected from a serious and curious startup domainers. The reason behind this is that, everybody loves maturity, and to command reliability and trust for whatever business in which we embark upon. For anyone to get that, it is better more achieved on old domains.
Having said that, I do not mean to say hand registered domains are not good and that they cannot command all of the above traits in business.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to Add Payment Tools On Godaddy Accounts

There are so many argumentation on the whether Godaddy accept Paypal or not or having problem on how to add their payment tools on their account and that lead me to make available this manual on how to set up payment tools on Godaddy account.

Please just follow from Pix 1 to 5 and you are good to go on setting your payment tools on Godaddy account.

You can click on any of the images to have a bigger and brighter views.

Happy reading.

Pix 1.

Go to the top right of the pix 1 and click on your account name and follow the drop down

Pix 2
On Pix 2 Click on the setting on the dropped down

Pix 3. 
Click on Payees 

Pix 4
Name Your Payee 

Pix 5
Select Your Payment Tool of Choice.

Lastly, you need to save your payment tool and you are good to Go with your choice of payment and withdrawal tools.

Monday, 18 July 2016

How to Validate Your .Co.Uk Domain Names

If you are not a UK citizen or not resident in Uk; once you registered domain names, you will definitely need to verify your domain name's registrant address and if not, you may be denied the ownership of that particular domain name until you verify your address, except you are using a UK address as a registrant.

Though any one can buy and sell .Co.Uk domain names; but validation of your domain is very important for every owner. The verification is very important for authentication of the ownership of UK domains; be you Britons or non Britons, it is mandated to do so.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Could It Be The Same Buyer? Or A Lesson Learned

Image from Namepros

Just this morning I found on my email, a message from that says “Your buyer is waiting for your response” I was curious about this message, because I have sold and had pushed it to the new buyer on for just $18; yes! just for eighteen dollars. Why $18 dollars? Of course, any domain placed on auction that have received at least a bid cannot be reversed except, if you are ready to lose your account in which could be disastrous for any domain owners who are still interested in the business. 

More so, this is a different scenario for I have even pushed the domain to the new owner on July 3rd and the bid came in on 8th July, 2016. The said opening offer was a sum of Eur200 by customer at; the bid in which I can counter the offer, and vis-à-vis to arrive at a particular comfortable price. 

But my question is that “could it be the same buyer?” who had bought and have received the said domain at that now placed another bid just for him to pull my legs or what? But that is just  a million dollars question.

I have this domain with for almost a year and only when I am anticipating avoidance of another renewal fee and for me to do reduce my annual renewal fee, now that our currency is very bad in the market and not to cost me a lot of fund and not to lose the domain, I placed it on auction at namepros so that I could use the fund to renew another domains, but at the end of the day the domain was sold for just $18 only. However, I have no option than to sell and pushed the domain to the new owner.
Offering image from the

Lesson Learned
  • Should have waited enough; but till when?      
  • I have chosen wrong domain for quick auction
  • Too quick to sell; but needed money and the money could have arrived   
  • Now I know how good the domain was.
  • Such a starting bid could reach Eur2000 or more.
 Just then another buyer placed a bid of Eur200 at undeveloped; the bid in which I can counter the offer, until we could arrived at a particular price. But well, it has come and gone.

 Though, I used the money to registered a new domain name