Friday, 30 September 2016

Let Nigerians Receive Funds With Paypal

Nigerians! you need to visit and support the protest that could enable Nigerians have full transactions on paypal, by posting a support ticket for a protest written by a Nigerian. 

The protest needs 1000 people to make the management of paypal listening to the protest. Presently, the protest and supports have reached 950 and just go there and make your own contribution count for us.

Even if you are not a Nigerian and you want us to have the full access; then, you can support the process by submitting just a support to the protest.

Follow the link below and make your support count for us.

Let Nigerians receive payment from paypal


Monday, 26 September 2016

Review on New Generic Top Level Domains (NewGTLDs) Compare With Old Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Yes! New domain allowed people to register, shorter, relevant and recognizable domains, Instead of long, cumbersome and lengthy domain names that are available on old TLDs.  About 300 Registries submitted applications in 2012, following the ICANN’s requests for applications for new domains. Today, ICANN at their conference in 2013 started to change the face of internet and now there are about 400 new domain extensions available online. As of today there are  more than 24 million new gTLDs registered and over one million new websites with new domains that was unable to put up their websites before the introduction of new domain extensions.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Data of Domains Accrued By Chinese

I found these data very useful for investors who are interested in Chinese Market as a source for your easy investigation before going for any of the extension.
On the data, we found that .cn extension is waxing stronger in the Chinese nation better than .com domains and there are 4.2 million website in that nation as well.
As of August 2016 there are 4.2m websites in China and out of available 676 two letter “” domains Chinese owned 148 out of the figure. Out of 100 total number of possible - two numeric “” domains, Chinese owned 62 out of the total figure based on the data given by coreile owner


Friday, 9 September 2016

Most Expensive Domain Name Ever Sold for A whopping Sum of $3.3 Billion Dollars!

A Domain Name Investor has made a whopping sum of $3.3 billion dollars on just one eCommerce developed domain name sale, and that sales worth catapulting him on a Forbes World Record as the first ever domain Investor on Forbes World Record. Though, Godaddy owner - Bob Parson was on that list as a registrar or petty trader and not as a domain investor.

Precisely, on 6th December, 2015, I published on my blog here, an article titled Forbes 1000 World’s Billionaires - Why Are there none Domain Investors on that List?Today, I am happy to bring to you the first domain investor to be on that list of World Billionaires. Marc Lore is the man I am talking about, Marc is the owner of many premium domain names like,(sold),, (Sold), and many of them as such.

Read Full Story Here.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why Do Bido Requires Voting to Pass Domains to Auction

This article is as a result of the typical challenge facing new domain investors, especially in my country as it affects them at bido, but I know many beginners could be having same feelings everywhere around the world.

The question they are asking now and then is “why is Bido requires mandatory votes to get domains on their auction. Ignorantly and deliberately, they looks for alternative means of getting to the auction and when gets there, they lacks sales.