Saturday, 30 April 2016

Aftermarket ccTLDs Sales Rankings in First Quarter of 2016

Most Valuable ccTLDs
Sold at Flippa
Sold at sedo
Sold at

The Most valuable ccTLD name in 2016 so far is a one letter domain name - sold for a sum of $85,000 at, according to the record derived from
The tied with other three .com domains in 24th position of Dn journal’s 2016 Year-to-Date Top 100 Sales Chart of all extensions and topped the list of the Country Code Year-to-Date Top 100 Sales Chart so far, this rating was coined from the report dated April 24, 2016.
The extension .gl is the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for  Please continue Reading

Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to Identify Good Domain Names and Potential Buyers

A nairaland's member named Chibenze on the forum posted this concept of domain name investment strategy. He put up the article just after closing a sale of a domain name. 

He had used this same strategy to buy and closed many domain name sales on many auctions and through outbound sales to many end users and he felt using the strategy all alone is not good enough for him and wish to help other domainers to achieve the same success. – Chibenze – Uzoigwe Chikamso by his real name,  Just sold for $250 after he bought the name for $35 and following that, he wrote this article to help other domainers with the believe that more people could understand the real way of making money through domain name business, rather than wasting their money. He once earlier posted first edition of this article on page 252 of the same nairaland forum, when he sold for a sum of £5500.

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Cheers For .Me Domain Extension to Reach One Million Milestone and Above.

We are using this edition of our article to congratulate the .Me domain Registry for reaching over one million domain registrations. However, reaching that far is not an easy task; it was all due to hard work and the strong group of techies behind them. 

Even in the presence of more than thousand of new domain extensions that are been released into the internet market. The .Me could still rise to that height.