Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Chinese .CN Extension Remains the Best Extension in China

Curious! But absolute truth, that the Chinese Country Code .CN that was first launched in October, 1996 remains the big boss in China, and since then it has being doing better than the .COM; the king of domain extensions. Though, .com is well recognized in China but it remains secondary extension behind .CN. 

We are made to understand that though, Chinese people love the use of .com extension and others, but there are more domains or websites launched on .CN extension, far more than that of .com in that country.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

After Market Country Code Top Level Domains Sales Chart For August 2016

We are compiling this write up so that those domain investors who are interested in CCTLDs could make use of the herein information with some other due diligence required in this business to see what is trending in the country code, so that it can be of help for investors to make valuable decision on what cctlds they may invest upon  

Many country codes are not doing badly at all in this 2016; so far, we have seen some cctlds rivals with .com domains. We are using Dnjournals.com stats for this write up, based on their hard work and more so, that we and many other domain pros considered them that they always have real fact on the website for the benefit of domain investors and even for end users to compare before buying related domain names. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

What Are Values in Domain Names For Beginner

This material is written for any startup domainer for easy understanding of domain business; and I will try as much as possible to itemize the article.

Here is the material:

In some cases, there could be number/ or numbers - In case of Quads or Chips i.e NNLL or LLNN or NNNN, NNNNNNN etc - if good pattern. Do you know that this name 88888888.com sold for $150,000 on 9/11/2015 - Sept,11th 2015 ? It happened at Uniregistry.com

In some cases, there could be hyphens- if all the extensions are completely taken or when it is the same in dictionary or say generic in nature. But I don't like hyphens, no matter the situations In my own wholly opinion.

Yes .com only if non of the extensions is taken. As a startup; it is better to stick to .com

I will rather say good CPC, depending on what you term as high CPC in some cases it could be from $2 and above; if you are taken CPC of about $2, then the search volume should be very high of say 5000 and above and should be vice versa. If the CPC is very high of say about $10 and above, you can decide to take the domain that has a low search volume of say 2000 in my opinion.

EMD - Yes I hope you understand the term EMD and keywords

In addition - AGE is very important if it is not a new domain. But however, I have seen many domain registered in a day and sold high on that particular day or the following day. However, age is like in the case of physical land as old as it is, the greater the appreciation of the land so is domain name.

Another value is - Size - the length, it is better to have it as short as much as you could have your domain names.

Another  very important value is the trend of the word or keyword or EMD. Follow this link to check trends of your keyword or what ever. There is possibilities of quick sales if you have  trendy domain names.

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