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Wix has Acquired is a repository artwork firm's website. According to the information gathered; we realized that the domain name was first registered in year 2000 and it has a lot of art submitted by so many renowned art artisans from around the world. The website has about 325 million artworks deposited by the artisans themselves.
We also confirmed that the site was bought by the Israelis firm called Wix for a sum of $36 million . .

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There Are 17 Domain Names Expert Investors Reviews and Predictions for 2017
By: Ron Jackson - publishers of DNJournals

You can read about the opinions of these expert domain investors at the investors like:

Mike man - the owner,
Ilze Kaulins-Plaskacz  -, 
Braden Pollock -,
Gregg McNair - PTL Group,
george Hong -,
Giuseppe Graziano,
Tessa Holcomb -,
Alan Dunn - NameCorp,
Kate Buckley  - Media Group,
Monte Cahn -,
Paul Stathura Donuts Inc.,
Jothan Frakes - NamesCon,
Bill Sweetman - NameNinja,
Scott Reynolds -,
Stevan lieberman - Greenberg & Lieberman,
Zak Muscovitch -,
Phil Corwin - Legal Counsel, Internet Commerce Association.


There is this article newly published by written on a domainers portfolio that has bunch of scrap domains and they are getting closed to renewals and talking about such people should change ways and strategy in which he or she gets his domain names. 

Insanity is when you keep doing same things and you are expecting changes. Changes can not come unless you change the way you do things; this same mentality should be applied on domain investment. Change is necessary when your domains are not getting enquirers neither income nor traffic.

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 Published by By James Iles

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.32.40.jpg
ake news" is a term that has become extremely popular over the last few months, thanks in no small part to President Trump. Fake news has become a catch-all phrase for the President's distrust of many mainstream media outlets, and has been mentioned by the President in numerous tweets and live TV appearances.

As you might expect, the exact match domain name is getting a lot of attention. When a phrase becomes this popular, the value of the exact match domain typically increases. This is exactly what has happened here with

Apple In Another Game of Money Park, They Have named Their New Corporate Headquarters After a Domain Not Own!

Apple is at it again! The company is naming their new headquarters "Apple Park" and the story is that they do not own the domain name What is going to happen with the domain name 

We understood that Apple paid $1.5 to acquired

Chinese And Policies On Domain Names
In this section of our blog we shall consistently brings you information from other Blogs, that are related to domaining business in order to keep you abreast of the ongoing trend in the domain name market or circles.

Do You know That Chinese Government Can Come Up With A Diabolical Law that Could Twat Expectations of Domain investors?

China is a Communist state, and the Government can do an undo. It is just a matter of making up a law that suits them, in order to achieve their wish. Especially as it concerned their economy trend in the ongoing trend. 
It is on that not we on our own opinion just wish to let domain investors know the way things are done in communist states. Please read 

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