Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why Is .IO ccTLD Extension Gathering Momentum Now ?

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Why now? I repeat, I mean why now that there is ongoing spike in .IO extension? I ‘m made to realized that this particular extension has being in existence since 1997 according to my findings.

That is why, I ‘m impressed by the ongoing momentum on the .IO extension, and I am taking it as a point of duty, to bring to you on my website, the several reasonable reasons that brought about the surge, that has become a worldwide discussion on many domain name social sites.

In our findings from many reliable sources, we realized that The British Indian Ocean Territory .IO extension has been in existence since 1997. But why are people now turning to this extension remains unanswered till now. 

We therefore, brought to you the several reasons behind the .IO extension’s spike. After some several searched works on the country code of the British Indian Ocean Territory – that belong to the native clan of Chagos. We realized that, all are boiled down to the policy that Google recently adopted on treating many extensions equally; including the .IO extension like other generics, in term of rankings on their search engine. Having realized that, many startups are now seen that policy as huge opportunities for them to now seize the advantage to do away with the almighty .com generics, that is far expensive from their grips. 

As a result of that, they are now turning up to register more and more domains on .IO extension on daily basis, in order to launch their business websites on the extension, as they do not have enough money to spend on getting the generic .com extension, that are day in day out getting more difficult to afford and thus going out of hand for them beyond their limit of available cash. Furthermore influences are that .IO is short and memorable and thus found it useful as alternative to .com. 

Another major reason is that, the .IO extension is on one side liked by many tech savvies who are nursing ambition to also have their websites launched, and because it has to do with computer communicating language of a very long standing, means, input /output with other connected computers world.

Summary: Startups could not afford to buy a costly, short, and memorable .com extension, so, they prefer to use .IO extension to launch their websites, instead of them getting the available and cheap long and clumsy keyword on .com extension, which can easily confuse customers for their business. And more so, that Google now treat the extension as generic top level domain extensions.

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